Monday, July 13, 2009

POLITICS: John McCain Is Batshit Crazy

Just watched John McCain today on "Meet The Press."

What he says about Sarah Palin's cut-and-run as Governor strategy and her future in the Republican party is simply . . . crazy talk.

Watching this clip may remind you of two important facts:
1) ah yes—that's why American didn't elect this man president
2) OH MY GOD! What if we had elected him as president?

I'm guessing this clip will take a bit of heat of Ms. Palin for a day or two. It's one thing for the former Miss AlasKA to act all batshit crazy on her own account, but having a would-be president like McCain follow with an exceptionally nutty performance like this . . . well, see numbers 1) and 2) above . . .

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