Wednesday, July 20, 2011

POLITICS: A Simple Truth

Sometimes Bill Maher is really funny, but sometimes he and his crack writing staff come up with some brilliant satire. As one who really couldn't care less about the whole Casey Anthony story, the fact that so many people in this country (and across the globe, I'm sure) wasted so much of their valuable time following the horrible tale says more about the mettle of our citizenry than the unfortunate facts of our judicial system. But the analogy that Maher makes here, specifically the depressing lunacy of a populace that continues to to be duped and votes against their own best interests, is spot on and regrettably far too true. Who really gives a shit whether Ms. Anthony is guilty or not when the very place you live is being fleeced by chiselers, politicians, and "the job creators"? Satirists Swift, Twain, and certainly Vonnegut would be proud of this gem:

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