Wednesday, May 05, 2010

POLITICS: Times Square Terror—Daffy Duck and Darth Vader MIA

Where the heck are Rudy Giuliani and Dick Cheney?

We just had an attempted terror attack on Times Square in New York City—isn’t that when Daffy and Darth usually pop up all over the media to offer their enlightening comments on how badly the Obama administration is handling homeland security and putting America at risk of attack?

Where’s America’s Mayor thputtering on about how unthafe the Obama polithies have made thith country? How come we haven’t heard Rudy thpouting his usual mantra about 9-11, 9-11, 9-11?

And what of Darth? Isn’t this the precise moment for him to don his fear veil and try to scare the shit out of his low-information countrymen? Where’s that death-rattle drone of his making claims that this recent attempted attack proves once again that the Obama administration loves the terrorists and is putting American lives at risk?

What could possibly keep Daffy and Darth away from the cameras at a time like this?

A number. 53 to be exact.

The reason we’re not seeing Cheney and Giuliani all over the news—or at least on FOX “news”—talking about this recent attempted attack in Times Square is because it took the federal government (which means the Obama administration) and the New York City police department only 53 hours to track down and arrest the perpetrator. Only 53 hours.

How long did it take the Bush administration to track down and arrest Osama Bin Laden? Oh, that’s right . . .

How long did it take the Bush administration to catch ANY of the 9-11 perpetrators? About 18 months until Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was captured—by the Pakistanis.

Of course, if this recent attempted attack on Times Square had happened in May of 2007 when there was a republican in the White House, you can bet that both Daffy and Darth would be all over the news media talking about what a fantastic job the FBI, CIA, NYPYD, and Homeland Security did in tracking and apprehending a terrorist on American soil. Proof again that what the President and his administration is doing to protect America is working.

But because “leaders” like Rudy Giuliani and Dick Cheney are such politically craven hacks who are wed to party ideology rather than dedicated to actually protecting the American public regardless of political affiliation, neither of them will step forward to publicly congratulate the federal and New York state authorities who managed this pretty remarkable feat of policing. It might give too much credence to the way Obama’s administration has handled homeland security.

And god forbid, it might smack too much of supporting their and our current President.



  1. shelley2:27 PM

    By the by, I thought it was the knowledgeable hotdog vendor that was responsible for the Times Square bust and the luck of a “do not fly list” that was barely revised in time to catch him before he left the country? Not to mention, he was sort of a buffoon – locking his keys in the car and all.

    I am not aware of any upgrades or critical changes Obama has done to Homeland Security – so in a way – it would be the processes already in place that did the job if Homeland Security gets the credit.

    I wish I thought as much about Obama & his posse as you do. I voted for him but will not again. I’ve reached the point of doubt & dislike that I had for his predecessor – only in different directions.

  2. I do think it is funny how all those people who use to rip those that did not support Bush, never give Obama a chance. I know friends who have cursed his name ever since he won the elections, the same exact bullshit they came down upon the other side for only months earlier.

    Wrong it wrong, and I don't want to hear that childish crap of, Oh, they acted like a child so it is ok for us to do the same.

    And next time a Republican is on office, I will have to listen to this jack-asses walk around saying how the Democrats never gave So-and-so a chance.

    I believe that you should always support you President even if you disagree with his (or her, someday)