Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Year, New Blog

Thanks for checking this out.

"Roadkill" is named so because for about 13 years I did a monthly column in the Chicago-based music magazine Illinois Entertainer called "Roadkill." The name was odd enough and oddly catch-all enough for the wide array topics I was able to cover. I was the Editor of the magazine for 13 years, so I basically wrote about whatever the hell I wanted to write about -- mostly music and politics and cultural issues. The free magazine had a print run of about 75,000, and it helped that the majority of letters the magazine received were in response to "Roadkill" columns.

A really neat thing: I still meet people who remember the column and recall my name because of it. "Are you the 'Roadkill' guy?" Some people have told me they cut out some columns and still have them. Some even recall the details of what I wrote much more than I do. And over the years I've really gotten a kick out of going into some of the remaining few independent record stores and seeing an old "Roadkill" column taped up in the store.

So when (finally) launching this blog, it seemed the only real option for a name.
Hope you enjoy what you read and return to read frequently. I'll try to keep up my end of the bargain. And please comment -- why just bitch about something you read here to a friend when you can bitch directly at the source?



  1. hey! i took that photo! can somebody say copyright?

  2. Incredible writing, storytelling & eye opening material, as always, Mike! Love the name- I still have about 50 Roadkill clippings ranging from 93-99 including some from Rolling Stone Magazine & Chicago Reader. Look forward to reading more!